Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I wonder where would my life be if tomorrow didn't happen........

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Let me tell you about Lee

Let me tell you about Lee.

He was a young intern from the hospital just across the street.  His grandmother broke her hip and ended up in the unit where I worked and by some stroke of luck (or whatever you may call it), I took care of her that day.  

Lee was cute and for the first time in a very long time I felt my heart flutter a little.   When he talked to me about his Nana, I noticed how gentle he was, the way he talked, the way he held the pen, the way he engaged my eyes.  He was flirting with me, I noticed.  But what I liked about it was he was  actually trying to hide it.  

No, it wasn’t my imagination.  He was flirting alright.  He gave me his home, mobile and pager numbers, you know just in case there was something we needed for his Nana.  But being a medical intern and without a POA, he knew full well we would be calling his Grandpa, his Dad, and his Nana’s other children before we would even get to him.  I held on to that yellow sticky, kept it just because it made me feel good.  It was nice to feel once again that I had the power to attract the opposite sex..... It’s been a long time.

Before he left that afternoon, he invited me for coffee.  I politely declined although I would have really loved to just be able to discover what was in Lee.  I knew that if I obliged to this one invitation, it can lead to something further, something complicated, something I might not be able to handle, or undo.  He did call the floor several more times, in the pretense that he was asking about his Nana.  But we both knew it wasn’t that at all.  

When Nana finally left she hugged me so tight and muttered something in a foreign language to which everybody sheepishly smiled.  One of the daughters put her arms around me and translated what Nana said......”You would be wonderful for Lee”.  I was pretty sure the shock showed in my face but I tried to bring out a smile and wrinkled my nose at her.  Deep inside I was also smiling.  

Now several years later, I still remember Lee.  I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if we did go for that coffee.

Monday, October 22, 2007

WhAt's GoiNg On?????

All of these are true and happened in a span of about two months....

My hubby received an email from an old friend relaying that our friend has gone missing after a petty misunderstanding with his wife. He did not come home that night and the next night. It was not like him and he was without his wallet and his cellphone that his wife started getting worried and a search was started. He was found several days after, dumped in an area somewhere in Quiapo. He was apparently abducted, tortured and a gun pointed to his temple several times. The reason for the abduction and torture is still unknown.

Some weeks ago, hubby (again) got a text message that his former boss was shot dead due to a traffic accident. Yes, it was that one that happened in Pasig, where the shooter was a lawyer. He was young, but the shooter was younger. Both lives were wasted in an instant because of road rage. Because none of the two can just sit and count to ten.........

Last night, I was deeply saddened to learn that my sister's ex-boyfriend's father, a respectable cancer surgeon, was stabbed to death. He heard a noise from outside his car and fearing that he had hit someone, he got off. According to (a) witness, three men jumped on him and stabbed him. Then they ran away when they realized that someone saw them. It's still not sure if they meant to rob him. Karma will get them in no time!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I held you in my arms and whispered "it's just you and me now", and as soon as the words came out I realized how inaccurate that was. Because you were the first one who left, the one who did not stay. I died that day............

I still have not recovered from the trauma of it all, and the worst part is, I was the only one who knew what I was going through.....I was alone in my battle.

I'm still alone.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Who's Desperate?

Here's my take on that Desperate Housewives racial slur about Filipino doctors:

We got offended.....

They apologized.....

Let's get over it!

We've got enough attention now and I bet no one will ever dare reference any Filipino without proper research again.

Good job Pinoy! Now let's get on with our lives.

O gusto na din natin i-declare Teri Hatcher (not Thatcher!) persona non grata like Claire Danes?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

mindy's comic life

Monday, July 30, 2007

goodbye, thank you and an update

I know, I know....I owe a lot of people a proper goodbye, a thank you, an update of what's going on with me.......

Sooooo sorry. I did not realize that moving back home can get really crazy. I came to the US with a 50lb suitcase. I left with 2 70lb luggages, a 42lb carry on (yes, it was overweight), and a bag where I put my laptop in, which I dropped. So now my 6 month old mac has this crazy design with black border in it that grows bigger everyday I'm expecting my screen to get all covered soon.

Thank you, to all the people that I have known, and been friends with in all my 4 years in San Antonio. I have learned a lot and cherish every moment that I have spent with all of you....even if it was just being on the floor together and the occasional "are you ok?" (Right Rhett?). I won't name names for fear of missing someone, the way I did when our college reunion site asked me to name my college friends. How I missed one, I don't understand, but I did...and I don't have any excuse.

I haven't done anything yet except organize my flickr. Check it out sometime. I haven't been to the beach, which surprises even me. I have seen one friend, so far. One called me really mad for not letting her know I was coming home. So far, that's all the people that knows I'm back. I'm just hibernating right now......

So..goodbye.....thank you...and that's what's going on...for now.